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The best time to book the wedding car hire Manchester

BMW M4 Car Hire Manchester

The best time to book the wedding car hire Manchester

Aces Car Hire / May 24, 2017

A wedding is not complete without a wedding car hire. Everyone has their unique preference when it comes to choosing their wedding car. Some have a car they might have picked in advance and hence the choice of car is easy for them. For others there are many cars to choose from. For example, it can be a vintage car if they fancy old cars, on the other hand if they prefer one of the new and top of the line cars like a Mercedes, or a BMW, the could opt for that. Then again some may prefer a 4-wheel drive vehicle like a Range Rover. Either way the first thing to do is to select your vehicle and next coming booking it and selecting between a self-drive vehicle or chauffeur driver one.

How soon should you book your Wedding car hire?

wedding car hire

A wedding is usually planned well in advance with plenty of time to make all the preparations. Preparing for a wedding is not an easy task there are many tasks to take care off. However, booking the wedding car is also an important task and should not be left till the last minute. This is especially true if your car of choice is a vintage model. The car dealer will usually recommend that you should book at least 6 months in advance. However, it is advisable to book at least 4 to 5 months in advance.

Why should you book the wedding car hire early?

There are many reasons to book your wedding car hire early, here are a few of them:

Multiple cars: It often happens that you need to hire several additional cars besides wedding car. The additional cars may be for the others guests like the parents or the bridesmaids. In this case it is best to book early to make sure you get the set of cars you choose. This is truer if you have specific make, model and color.

Wedding date: Another good reason to book early is if your wedding date is a popular one. It is common knowledge that getting the wedding venue of your choice on a specific date is very hard if it is the weekend like Saturday and it gets tougher if it also coincides with some good day or festival.

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