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Tips To Consider While Hiring a Vintage Wedding Car for your Marraige

Tips To Consider While Hiring a Vintage Wedding Car for your Marraige

Aces Car Hire / October 3, 2016

Vintage Wedding Car Hire Manchester

Hiring a car for your vintage wedding is probably the most important decision for your wedding. Wedding car used by a bride or the groom would catch eyes from every person in the wedding. You would want to give your best idea a trip. You undoubtedly want to make the best and luxurious for the big day. You can give your wedding car a luxurious yet royal look. You can select a vintage wedding car for that extraordinary appearance to your wedding car. There are a few tips you should keep in mind while opting for hiring a vintage car for your wedding.

Vintage Wedding Car

Check for Vehicle Condition

Vintage wedding car hire Manchester service providers would often offer you a wide variety of choices. But, not all vintage vehicles are as well maintained as they should be. Check very well before signing agreement for any vehicle you book about its quality. Are the interiors well maintained? The air conditioners and doors are working properly? Does the vehicle make any noise when working?

Book Early

Vintage wedding car hire is a unique choice. It is not surprising that many other couples would be looking for similar car hires and your wedding dates might clash. To avoid all the revamps in your wedding car hire plans just book your vintage wedding car hire vehicle early. You can make a booking before few months or even a year if you have dates decided.

Stay Prepared for a Deposit

You will need to pay a non-refundable deposit for renting a vintage wedding car. You can expect different price ranges for different models. You should plan at least 100$ as advance amount for booking as deposit.

Check for License and Insurance

You would definitely not want to book a car that does not have proper papers and license done. A car that is without insurance or no license may lead you to a lot of problems if there is any major or minor accident. We do not wish anything as such happens but you cannot take care of everything on your wedding day. You will have your car driven by someone else here and there.

Don’t go for Double-Booked Vehicle

This one is very important part of the booking process. You book your vehicle and check out complete details about it. They would ensure the time slots and you would give them tentative time. But, make sure you do not book a vehicle that is double booked for the day. Only opt for that vehicle that will be available only for you that complete day. As when you hire double booked vehicle a slight delay in your schedule and sending the vehicle back to the owner in not specified time may need you to pay a double amount.

Wedding Car hire Manchester


There are several wedding car hire Manchester services. But, not all services are suitable and flexible to work with. A few of them are non-reliable and you would almost always have issues working with them. But, you can go for one reliable car hire services provider Aces Car Hire services for your wedding. They have a variety of options for wedding cars and that too best maintained and luxurious cars with selections of vintage cars.

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