How much is it to rent a Rolls Royce?

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What if you could pay a couple hundred pounds and rent an Rolls Royce for the day?  Would you?

A high end Rolls Royce cost vary from 250 Thousand to 500 Thousand if you were to buy it, which puts it out of range for many.  

If you want to know how it feels to be driven in ultimate luxury or have a big day coming up such as a wedding then why not rent one. The great thing is all our cars come with your own Personal Chauffeur. 

We have a range of Rolls Royces available from the Modern Rolls Royce Ghost to our Limited Edition RoseGold Rolls Royce Phantom. 

Prices vary from 200 pounds up to 1000 pounds depending on the location, duration and vehicle chosen. 

Example - 3 Hour Wedding located in Greater Manchester would cost 450 GBP for our Rolls Royce Ghost and 550 GBP For our Rosegold Rolls Royce Phantom. 

You can find our full price list here. Rolls Royce Hire Prices

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