Javads Wedding Ceremony at Vermillion Manchester

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Javads Wedding at Vermillion in Manchester

Saturday 6th April the Aces Car Hire team was honoured to be part of Javads wedding day in Oldham, Greater Manchester; where we provided our Rolls Royce Hire service. We arrived early afternoon to be greeted by a stream of lights covering the home. The hustle and bustle of Asian weddings start early, and the celebrations could be heard from within, children and adults alike admired the impressive fleet that was parked outside. A Rolls Royce Ghost, Lamborghini and 3 range rovers were a nice mix of luxury and sport.

The cars were ordered in order to transport the couple to the Walima which is a gathering of the bride and groom’s family and friends. A Walima is usually held in a banqueting hall, where everyone eats and celebrates the newlywed’s marriage.

Aces car hire provides a wide range of packages and we are happy to work with the needs of a client whether it be a custom quote for Rolls Royce Hire with specific requirements in terms of how the car is decorated to something more uncommon.

Javads package had included a double Rolls Royce Hire, classic and contemporary which made a beautiful pair for the aesthetics of photography.

The Wedding Venue

The Bride and Groom had chosen Vermilion Manchester, as their venue, which is an impressive fine dining and wedding hall establishment which has been around since 2007. The couple had booked the grand suite which can accommodate for 750 guests, with a huge parameter of 848m2. It was only right that the bride and groom travelled to their 5-star venue in a worthy vehicle and had chosen our Rolls Royce Hire service to do so.

There are so many important aspects and moments within a wedding, that is why we believe it is important for us to try our upmost best to ensure your journey to and from the wedding is worry-free and comfortable. So, when Javad booked his rolls Royce car hire, our experienced team would have provided their input and advice on a schedule to ensure they arrive in a timely manner so they can take photographs with family and friends to commemorate this happy occasion.

The driver had stayed with the car at the venue for the duration of the wedding, which finished at 11.30pm where he was ready to take the couple to their home as they day had come to an end.

We would like to thank Javad for choosing us to be part of such a wonderful day and wish him and his wife many happy years to come.

Vermilion Contact info is as follows:

Address:  Lord North Street / Hulme Hall Lane, Sports City, Manchester, M40 8AD
Phone: 0161 202 0055
Website:  Vermillion Manchester Wedding Hall

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